4 Cheap Business Ideas You Can Start for Less Than $20

Read this article and discover the cheapest business ideas with a huge potential! You can start all of these businesses for less than $20.


Whether you are a student who is looking for an extra income, an unemployed trying to find something to do, or you are employed somewhere but you still want to work for yourself in the future, there are so many business ideas out there you can start for less than $20 and slowly grow into a profitable and successful company.

You can’t expect for these affordable and budget business ideas to make you a millionaire within the first couple of months, however, they all have a potential to grow into stable sources of income with enough work, dedication, and persistence.

Let’s take a look at these great business ideas with a huge potential that you can start for less than $20:

  1. Professional organizer – There are so many people out there who simply can’t find a proper time to organize their wardrobe and all of their stuff. If you consider yourself as an organized person and you enjoy organizing your stuff at home, you can become a professional organizer and help other people be organized as well. You can promote yourself on Facebook and other social media platforms.
  2. Blogging – In order to become a popular blogger, you need to start right. Choose the subject that matter to you a lot and then buy a domain and create your own blog. Our advice is to choose a simple and easy-to-use platform, WordPress, for example, build your website on, and create original content that you will eventually help your followers solve important issues within your niche. It is vital to build relationships with other bloggers and website owners and promote your blog heavily.
  3. Tutoring – Today, there is a huge need for tutors for children of all ages. If you have got a specific topic you have learned a lot and you think you have enough experience and knowledge, contact the local schools (the private local schools) and offer your services. You can make your own business cards or flyers and promote your services.
  4. eBay selling – You can make a lot of money by selling on eBay. You need to stick to items you know really well, package the items carefully, and offer impeccable customer service.

Are you ready to get into the entrepreneurial world? Good luck!


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